Maldives Seeks Investors for World-Class School of Hospitality and High-End Resort Development

A butler at The Nautilus at work. – Photo: The Nautilus Maldives.

The Maldives government is extending opportunities for investors to join in the development of a world-class School of Hospitality, coupled with a high-end resort in the Maldives.

During the Invest Maldives forum held in Dubai yesterday, the government emphasized the Maldives’ status as a renowned tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors annually and serving as a global benchmark for the hospitality and service sector. Consequently, they consider it an ideal location for a world-class hospitality training facility.

“We are inviting investors to collaborate with us in establishing a world-class School of Hospitality in the Maldives, with the aim of raising standards, transforming careers, and propelling our nation’s tourism industry to new heights of excellence,” announced the government.

The proposed project, centered on developing a world-class School of Hospitality, has a dual purpose: addressing the capacity development needs of the country’s tourism industry and diversifying the existing tourism portfolio through educational tourism.

The envisioned scope encompasses the establishment of a state-of-the-art campus, a training center equipped with modern facilities, student accommodation, and a 5-star premium hotel on-site for experiential and practical learning. Additionally, creating a curriculum aligning with international standards and benchmarks in hospitality and tourism education is included in the scope.

In pursuit of this vision, the government is actively seeking a partnership with a globally reputed hospitality school with a proven track record in providing hospitality training.

To facilitate the development component, the government is open to exploring contractor-financed options. Planned incentives for investors comprise tax concessions, expedited service delivery in obtaining government permits and licensing, and import duty exemptions. Investors will also be granted exclusive rights to operate and manage the school for a specified period, contingent upon meeting performance indicators and quality standards set by the government.

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