Imports bump 31%, exports dip by same percentile

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Imports to the Maldives, inclusive of fuel increase to 31% in January 2024, reports Maldives Customs Service.

According to Customs, imports inclusive of fuel amounted to MVR 5.1 billion during the review month. On the other hand, imports excluding fuel increased 29%; amounting to MVR 4 billion.

Meanwhile, exports saw a decline of 31% during the review month, registering MVR 173 million worth of exported commodities.

Customs collected a revenue of MVR 5.1 billion in the review month, a 7% increment and collected MVR 3 million in royalties.

Major Importing Categories

  1. Fuel (marine gas oil (diesel), petrol, aviation gas): MVR 1.1 billion
  2. Machinery and mechanical appliance, electrical: MVR 935 million
  3. Food items (excluding pork, alcohol, tobacco): MVR 926 million
  4. Vessels, aircraft and parts thereof: MVR 506 million
  5. Base metal and articles of base metal: MVR 290 million

Major Exported Commodities

  1. Skipjack Tuna (prepared or preserved): MVR 58 million
  2. Frozen skipjack tuna (stripe-bellied bonito)/(kastuwonus pelamis): MVR 43 million
  3. Yellowfin Tuna (frozen): MVR 26 million
  4. Flours, meals and pellets of fish, etc, unfit for human consumption: MVR 12 million
  5. Yellowfin tuna chunk (fresh or chilled): MVR 6 million

Major Importing Countries

  1. UAE: MVR 938 million
  2. Oman: MVR 774 million
  3. India: MVR 700 million
  4. China: MVR 671 million
  5. Singapore: MVR 550 million

Major Exporting Countries

  1. Thailand: MVR 67 million
  2. Germany: MVR 29 million
  3. UK: MVR 26 million
  4. Bangladesh: MVR 11 million
  5. India: MVR 8 million

During the review month, MPL reported 132 vessel arrivals and 140 departures.

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