Chinese arrivals close to 60k, total arrivals up 14%

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Photo: PSM News

Arrivals from China has reached near 60,000 and maintains top position comfortably.

Russia is the second strongest market with over 47,000 arrivals, Italy in third with a little over 46,000 arrivals. UK is currently fourth ranked with 43,000 arrivals.

Top 10 Markets

  1. China: 58,139
  2. Russia: 47,647
  3. Italy: 46,030
  4. UK: 43,622
  5. Germany: 31,779
  6. India: 29,765
  7. France: 19,586
  8. USA: 15,593
  9. Poland: 11,772
  10. Switzerland: 10,910

Arrivals from India has observed over 30% decline compared to the same period last year, which has become a widely shared headline by media; especially Indian-based outlets.

However, as per reports, the annual arrival total is still 14.7% ahead of last year with 478,416 arrivals so far in 2024, compared to the 417,079 observed in the same duration last year.

Despite the decline in Indian arrivals, China has more than made up for the previous first ranker’s dip.

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