MACL Partners with RDC to Develop Velana International Airport’s Road Infrastructure

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CEO and Managing Director of MACL, Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed (L), and Managing Director of RDC, Ali Zuhair, with their respective teams after signing. – Photo: MACL

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) has signed an MOU with Road Development Corporation (RDC) to develop roads and undertake related works at Velana International Airport.

At a ceremony held yesterday, CEO and Managing Director Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed signed on behalf of MACL, while Brigadier General Retired Ali Zuhair signed on behalf of RDC.

Shareef stated that this marks the first instance where MACL has outsourced such work to a local company. He noted that while MACL possesses an internal team for road development and maintenance, they face challenges when emergency situations arise, disrupting their routine operations.

“That’s why we encounter some difficulties. Therefore, with a specialized company like RDC, we can expedite these projects efficiently,” he said.

Zuhair, the head of RDC, expressed gratitude to MACL for providing RDC with this opportunity, which will elevate their company. He also emphasized that local companies could match or even surpass foreign counterparts.

Under this MOU, RDC will develop landside roads at airports, carry out maintenance and resurfacing tasks, oversee road operations, repair potholes, implement line markings, maintain water drainage systems, clean pavements, and other areas, and manage waste removal.

MACL believes that this agreement will lead to significant improvements in landside roads, enhancing user convenience. Velana International Airport is the country’s largest airport and is currently undergoing major upgrade works.

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