Top moving items at local market, and their prices

A vendor at his local market stall | Photo: Afraa & pato images

Tender coconuts see a spike in demand while watermelon produce from Alifu Alifu atoll Thoddoo runs out.

According to local reports, coconuts are currently sold between MVR 50 and MVR 100 a piece while a home-made coconut drink bottle observes twice more than this in price, and is sold between MVR 150 and MVR 200 per bottle.

Vendors explained the price on coconuts have risen in recent days owing to lack of its availability across the market.

On the other hand, another hot commodity during Ramadan, Thoddoo-produced watermelon have fully run out. Right now, watermelon imports from India are the only one available, which is currently sold at MVR 20 per kilogram.

“We still have some watermelon supplies from Thoddoo, which is now sold at MVR 25 per kilogram and would shoot up to MVR 35 per kilogram by the end of Ramadan,” another vendor said, highlighting the commodity’s availability would likely deplete in the coming days.

Lettuce is still sold at MVR 100 per kilogram or more while collard greens are sold MVR 10 per bundle. Beach launaea (Kulhlhafila Faiy) is sold at MVR 20 per bundle.

Apples are now sold between MVR 6 and 7 per piece while oranges are sold at MVR 7 per piece. Price of grapes have shot up to MVR 18 per 100 grams while a 250 gram strawberry pack is available at MVR 60.

Fish prices appear to be maintained well within a range; owing to state’s efforts for price control and extent of availability. Skipjack tuna and bonito are now available at MVR 35 per kilogram while yellowfin tuna are now sold at MVR 40 per kilogram.

Additionally, another popular fish among Maldivians, the bigeye scad (Mushi Mas) is now sold at MVR 20 per 10 fish.

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