Environment Minister stresses space science importance to mitigate challenges

Photo: Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources

The Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources Ahmed Shiyam has stressed on the importance of space science in mitigating challenges faced by the Maldivian oceans.

His remarks came at the Space for Island Nations Conference (SINC) on Thursday, April 25, 2024.

Speaking at the conference, the minister highlighted on the importance of utilizing the opportunities to harness the power of space science to understand, monitor and mitigate the challenges faced by the Maldivian oceans and the environment.

“As mentioned by the President in various occasions, research, innovation and exploration are central to our government’s policies,” the minister said.

“The wealth of data provided by satellites empowers us to make informed decisions and enact policies to protect our oceans and coastal communities for generations to come.”

The island nation faces the threat and ill effects of global warming due to extensive greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollution.

The Maldives, heavily dependent on tourism and fisheries in driving the economy, have been taking multiple initiatives towards environmental sustainability and conservation; including a nationwide and state-backed vision to reduce the CO2 footprint as well as eliminate the use of single-use plastic at an industrial capacity across multiple sectors.

Furthermore, the island nation strongly advocates for cleaner and more environmentally conscious methods in catching fish as well.

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