Fenaka MD confident of utility bill control with smart meters

Photo: PSM News

Fenaka Corporation’s Managing Director on Sunday revealed the utility provider’s ongoing efforts to introduce smart meters to local residences, in its bid to ensure accuracy in reading the electricity consumption by the customers.

The corporation’s MD Muaz Mohamed Rasheed on Sunday, at the President’s Office press conference, revealed the ongoing efforts, noting they aimed to provide a permanent relief to prevailing complaints of over-hiked utility bills.

During Ramadan each year, the electricity usage of general consumers rise comparatively higher; owing to consumers using more electrical appliances and spending more time in their homes. This reflects in the electricity bills for the month, which often attract public’s ire.

Explaining about the rise of electricity bills, Muaz said this is reflective of the increment in the consumption of electricity during Ramadan. He added the local utility providers were working to provide a more sustainable solution to address the public’s complaints.

He announced Fenaka Corporation was now working to install smart meters at all registered residences under the company.

“We at, Fenaka Corporation, have launched a initiative to introduce smart meters for consumers, which would provide the unit of consumption on a daily and real-time basis, which means the total monthly consumption can be easily accessed. This in turn will help users to determine whether they need to economize or utilize electricity and maintain the desired levels,” Muaz explained.

He also confirmed the smart meter project will first commence from Dhaalu atoll Kudahuvadhoo, for which all the preparations have already wrapped up.

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