Vinares applications via portal rendered void

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) announced on Tuesday, that it has cancelled all the Vinares flat applications submitted online.

After some of the flats from the Vinares towers were issued to proprietors during the previous administration, HDC put the remaining for sale with applications to be submitted via a designated portal.

Processing the online applications were halted owing to several issues, especially due to heavy traffic to the portal. After the portal crashed owing to multiple concurrent logins, the application process was stopped, HDC said.

HDC on Tuesday said it decided to cancel all the applications in light of several technical issues during the submission period, as well as owing to multiple complaints by applicants.

Many had complained of missing out the submission window due to the portal’s crash and other technical issues now discovered from the portal.

HDC further said that in stead of reopening the flats for sale, the Vinares units will now be sold to those who had deposited money for other housing initiatives in Hulhumale’ but have not received apartments due to various hindrances.

When HDC opened for online application window, a total of 281 flats were booked within 30 minutes, with another 1,063 in processing stage.

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