MWSC announce discount on water bills

A water plantation in a local island operated and managed by MWSC | Photo: MWSC

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) on Sunday announced the company’s decision of providing discounts to domestic customers.

In its statement, MWSC saw the previous month’s billing cycle fell between March 11, 2024 and April 11, 2024, for which the company has expend MVR 14.13 million in discounts – a 24.5% of the total consumption of the domestic category.

The utility provider said water and electricity charges for Ramadan had different values reflected on the bills, because of which MWSC made the decision to provide discounts for the utility bills issued in Ramadan.

MWSC said that if the discounted March 2024 bill exceeds than April 2024 bill, the excess will be deducted from April’s bill. If the deduction is less than 10% of the total amount, the deduction would be inflated up to 10% of the total billed amount.

In circumstances where the March 2024 bill is lower than April 2024 bill, customers will still receive a 10% reduction on the total amount.

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