STO supplies over 71,000 staple foods in April

STO Managing Director Shimad Ibrahim | Photo: STO

State Trading Organization (STO) on Thursday, has confirmed delivering over 71,000 staple foods in April 2024.

According to the largest state-owned enterprise in the country, which is also the premier corporation in staple foods import and distribution, it has supplied the following quantities in staple foods;

  • Rice – 32,710 bags
  • Flour – 24,390 bags
  • Sugar – 14,512 bags

STO added it made 1,264 deliveries in Male’ area during the review month, which include; 17,397 bags of rice, 11,058 bags of flour, and 7,597 bags of sugar. On the other hand, regionally, it made five major deliveries which included 4,400 bags of flour, 1,500 bags of rice, and 1,330 bags of sugar.

Additionally, through STO’s regional agents, the corporation made 459 deliveries, which included 13,813 bags of rice, 8,932 bags of flour, and 5,585 bags of sugar.

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