Parliament accepts resolution on pre-approval visa

The Maldives Parliament on Monday, has accepted the resolution submitted on the introduction of pre-approval visa on arrival and electronic authorization for tourists arriving in the Maldives.

This resolution aims to facilitate a seamless and hassle-free entry process for tourists.

Parliament accepted the resolution at its last sitting of the 19th assembly, with 29 votes while two voted against it.

The resolution highlighted that from the 9.5 million visitors, out of all the tourists arriving in the last five years, were those who required visas to enter the Maldives. With the government’s vision of attracting two million visitors in 2024 alone; the resolution underscored the importance of facilitating faster accessibility of visas for tourists.

However, as the current procedure is, tourists are required to receive visas upon their arrival, due to which they spend a considerable amount of time at the airport. The resolution further emphasized that some tourists, who are unable to get visa for various reasons, are forced to return back to their homes.

Statistics showed that 9,940 tourists were forced to return back after they were denied visas in the last five years.

Currently, tourists receive a 30-day on-arrival visa which need to requested prior to arrival.

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