Maldives Immigration announces eases on Work Visas

Photo: Maldives Immigration

The Controller General of Immigration Mohamed Shamman Waheed announced Maldives Immigration’s decision extend tokens via “Ant Queue” to collect passports after acquiring work visa crendentials.

Maldives Immigration said this new change will be applicable effective May 19, 2024.

The change is also reflects the authority’s commitment to align with the vision of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to improve the services provided by various government authorities.

Previously, customers are required to physically attend Maldives Immigration’s office to collect their passports after acquiring work visa credentials – the customers are required to wait at the office until their token is announced.

Due to the significant time consumed by customers in waiting, as well as missing out on attending to their professional commitments on days when they need to visit Immigration to collect their passports – the conventional in-person passport collection has drawn criticism, as well as the subject of complaints by many.

The “Ant Queue” token number system has been integrated by Immigration in its bid to stay up to date with the latest in technological advancements. The online portal will allow customers to take a token ahead of passport collection, and can visit Immigration a few minutes ahead before their token number is announced.

For those who collect five or less passports on work visas, customers need to take tokens from “Ant Queue” between 09:00hrs and 10:30hrs, with the service for the token taken during this period set between 10:00hrs and 15:00hrs.

Customers who make requests to collect six or more passports, need to select tokens via the application between 11:30hrs and 12:30hrs. These tokens will receive services between 13:15hrs and 15:00hrs.

To request for token numbers, customers need to input the PPH and Box numbers on the submission receipt, and upload the receipt to the app. Customers can input more than one PPH and box numbers to request for token.

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