Patina Maldives celebrates third anniversary

Patina Maldives has celebrated its third anniversary with a strong commitment to community spirit.

The haven of luxury nestled amidst the pristine beauty of the Fari Islands, recently hosted two remarkable events showcasing the property’s unwavering dedication to community engagement and the celebration of milestones.

Earlier on May 10, in commemoration of Maldives Children’s Day, Patina Maldives welcomed young students from Care Society for a day filled with creativity and joy. Nineteen children ranging from ages 4 to 16 were greeted by the property as they embarked on a journey of exploration and inspiration.

“At Patina Maldives, we believe in the power of creativity and community. We are pleased to have celebrated Maldives Children’s Day and to have hosted these incredible young talents from Care Society. It has been a truly rewarding experience for us and has confirmed our commitment to supporting the next generation and helping them explore their potential in a nurturing environment,” said Guillaume Verdier, the Resort Manager.

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