President Ratifies Food Safety Act: Ensures Comprehensive Food Safety Standards

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu ratified the Food Safety Act, which provides a comprehensive framework for the regulation of food safety, yesterday.

According to the president’s office, this bill, which was passed by the parliament on the 13th of this month, ensures that all food products, whether locally produced, imported, or exported, are devoid of harmful substances and comply with established standards.

“The Act outlines the procedures and standards for food safety, which must be adhered to by all stakeholders in the food industry. It also prescribes the necessary procedures and standards to ensure food items are safe for human consumption.”

  • The primary objective of the Act is to establish standards for food production and preparation to ensure food safety.
  • Standards cover various aspects including packaging, labeling, preservation, storage, trade, supply, and distribution.
  • The Act outlines standards and licensing requirements for establishments involved in these processes.
  • It specifies hygiene standards for individuals engaged in these operations to ensure food safety.

The Food Safety Act was published in the Government Gazette upon ratification and will go into effect in three months.

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