Cybercrime jeopardizes privacy, financial security: Homeland Minister

The Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusan has said that Maldives, like many other nations, “grapples with the universal threat of cybercrime” and that it jeopardizes the privacy and financial security of the citizens and integrity of businesses and government institutions.

The Minister gave the remarks during his speech at the recently held Global Security Forum 2024 in Qatar.

In his speech, the minister had noted that cybercrime is a prevailing criminal activity that has extended from identity theft to online scams which has had far-reaching and often devastating impact.

He also noted that “in a nation reliant on technology for communication, commerce, and currently in governance”, the disruption caused by cyberattacks can have profound consequences.

Ihusan noted that cybercrime activities undermine the trust in online platforms and stifles the potential for digital innovation and economic growth.

He however, noted that Maldives is not defenseless, and through education, awareness and robust cybersecurity measures, the country continues to fortify its defenses against cyber threats to mitigate the impact.

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