Fisheries Ministry holds talks with Shanghai Ocean University on providing support to Maldives fisheries

The Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources held discussions with the Shanghai Ocean University, China on Sunday on areas of cooperation and assistances.

State Minister Dr. Azmath Ahmed and Deputy Minister Ahmed Shafiu attended the talks on behalf of the ministry, while Shanghai Ocean University’s Chairman Wang Hongzhou and other senior members took part from the university.

At the meeting, Hongzhou had expressed the university’s interest in providing technical and research support to conduct surveys on the Maldives’ seas and other areas. He added the university was interested in providing infrastructural and technical support to develop the Maldives Marine Research Institute.

Besides this, the Shanghai Ocean University’s chairman had extended an invitation to Maldivian students to enroll in the institution’s degree-level courses as well.

Additionally, Hongzhou assured the university’s support in capacity and human resource development in management aspects, should the ministry require it. He further expressed interest in providing assistance with the currently in-development “Fisheries College” in Maldives – including lecturing, faculty training activities, and research among other areas.

The Shanghai Ocean University is a notable academic institution, especially for its extensive portfolio of marine science courses.

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