Maldives outstanding debt still at MVR 126.2 Bn by Q1-2024 end

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The outstanding Public and Publicly Guaranteed (PPG) debt is at MVR 126.2 billion, as of Q1-2024 end.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the outstanding PPG debt total is 110.1% of the Maldives national GDP.

In the review quarter a total of MVR 2.3 billion in disbursements were made, along with another MVR 3.3 billion spent in total debt service.

The total budgetary central government (BCG) external debt by the end of the review quarter stood at MVR 38.1 billion, while the total BCG domestic debt stood at MVR 74.1 billion. This is 97.8% of the national GDP.

The total PPG external debt by the review period stood at MVR 51.6 billion, while the total PPG domestic domestic debt stood at MVR 74.6 billion.

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