Maldives Zakat House spends over MVR 1.6 Mil on medical treatments

Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohamed Shaheem: the Maldives Zakat House comes under the purview of the Islamic Affairs Ministry | Photo: Ministry of Islamic Affairs

The Maldives Zakat House on Thursday, has reported spending over MVR 1.6 million on medical treatments in May 2024.

According to Zakat House statistics, the total spent amount for the month includes MVR 1.21 million in funds arranged for medical treatments of patients in the month.

Statistics confirm a total of 180 people were provided with financial assistance through the fund during the review month.

Major Areas of Medical Assistance

  • Cancer treatment: MVR 454,574.50
  • Kidney ailments: MVR 89,050.50
  • Brain surgery: MVR 72,088.50
  • Heart surgery: MVR 67,848.00
  • Others: MVR 619,113.00

According to statistics from Zakat Fund, another MVR 2,622,666.50 was spent on the remuneration and allowances of the staff.

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