Trade Promoters celebrates five years of industry excellence in Maldives

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Trade Promoters Limited celebrated five years of industry excellence and revolutionizing Maldives’ energy sector, through its appointed dealer Electrify Maldives.

Electrify Maldives, representing Cummins in the Maldives, has been providing cutting-edge power solutions backed by a team of more than 60 dedicated employees.

Since inception, Electrify Maldives has set a standard of service excellence becoming synonymous with top-tier services in energy sector in the island nation.

Right now, Electrify Maldives supports over 115, of the 186 Cummins-populated resorts in the Maldives, with more than 70 resorts as steadfast, long-term clients.

“On this significant milestone of Electrify Maldives’ fifth year, I’m immensely proud of our journey towards a brighter, sustainable future,” expressed Electrify Maldives Director Ajfaan Ahamed.

Electrify Maldives specializes in a wide range of Cummins power generation products, which it caters to consumers in the country, including generators, engines and related components.

“We are incredibly proud to mark this significant milestone in our journey,” said Electrify Maldives Assistant General Manager Kasun Abeyrathne.

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