Veteran diver’s “Across the Maldives 2025” record dive covering entire Maldives

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Shafraz Naeem, the veteran Maldivian diver, who previously set a regional record with a non-stop 50-hour dive in 2022, is gearing up for his next challenge.

The dive expert’s next record attempt will be to dive across the entirety of the island nation, doing extremely long distance dives – “from northernmost tip of Haa Alif to the southern edge of Seenu Atoll”.

He confirmed his next daring venture while speaking at the Malaysia Dive Expo 2024, which followed the screening of his documentary “50 Hours Underwater”.

According to Shafraz, the dive is currently being planned for February 2025.

He will be doing two 4-hour dives a day on a Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) covering a distance of 10 to 12 kilometers per dive. He will be accompanied by a technical team of both locals and internationals throughout his venture, who will support his expedition and collect research data from the underwater terrain, pertaining to climate change and the Maldivian ocean’s ecosystem.

The expedition plans to make stops at local islands on the route, and raise awareness about the ocean, climate change and findings through their journey.

The veteran diver further said further details of the event will be announced soon on official media channels.

Shafraz Naeem, a seasoned diver, began diving in 1998 and possesses extensive knowledge of diving in the Maldives. With a 27-year career in the diving industry, he has served as a former military dive instructor and holds certificates from TDI/SDI, PADI, and SSI.

He has collaborated with underwater film crews globally and recently focused on underwater photography as well, while his illustrious career and his works have been made headlines in both local and international magazines.

In 2022, he successfully completed the 50-hour underwater dive which gained him an Asian record for the longest scuba dive.

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