Expats to require additional permit from islands they work in

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Photo: Avas Online

The Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusan has announced plans to make it mandatory for expatriates on work visa acquire a separate permit from any island they work in.

The ministry launched ‘Operation Kurangi’ last month – a special operation aiming to curtail illegal immigration. The operation launched on May 2, at K. Himmafushi, expanded to Maafushi of the same atoll on June 13.

First phase of the operation seeks to collect the biometric data of all migrant in the country.

Ihusan told Monday to state media PSM, that a registry of expatriates working in each residential island, was a taxing task, unless there is a system to identify expatriates who enter and leave the islands.

The minister said government is making arrangements so that expatriates with a permit to work in the Maldives, will be required to get an additional permit from the islands they work in.

Minister Ihusan said that once biometric data of expatriates are collected, council authorities will be given access to the system related to the data pool.

The first phase of the ‘Operation Kurangi’ is expected to wrap up within one year, after which the collected data will be put into a designation system which the government will then use to regularize undocumented migrants.

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