Get A Hero: No Seriously, GetAHero

I met the GetaHero team on a windy day in Male’ City. The helpful team was more than glad to adjust the doors and blinds in the Maldives Business Review offices, beset by the heavy wind.

‘That is the gap we are trying address here, helping people connect with people who can fill those gaps and needs,’ Ali Madeeh said.

GetaHero is simple. An effortless platform that connects service seekers and providers. The sky is the limit and connection is as simple as a single click.

‘A platform that will help the growth of the nation’s service industry by being a voice for everyone; small or big, and create a healthy competition within the society. It will become a place that will truly enhance the industry by providing necessary training and resources that will enable everybody and anybody with a determination to earn an honest living,’ boasts the mission for the company.

‘Our service providers are Heroes. We just want to give them a platform,’ he added.

The said platform is easy to use, with a three-step process connecting one to a service hero. The process is simplified, where by the user can simply search the service required and connect with any number of providers and get the job done.

‘GetaHero is basically a service classified of professional workers. We faced this issue when we were working, mostly in construction sector. Especially, when it came to finding people, resources. Then we discussed and the idea to start an online platform that addresses these issues,’ he said.

Priority, he said, was to ensure that Maldivians were given a platform to become heroes. In analyzing the market, the team found there were key issues, mostly ensuring service delivery and in standard of service provision.

‘GetaHero wants to change that. Show seekers there is a lot of options to choose from. Show providers they have an ideal platform to aspire to. That there could be competition, choices. We aim to share knowledge and experience that would lead to a productive and professional pool of craftsman, hence preparing the nation to meet its best era of growth,’ team GetaHero said.

The website is already home to several large scale businesses and individual entrepreneurs marketing their talents to the country.

GetaHero is available on

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