Nineteen parties win bids for harbor food court

Photo/Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure

State Trading Organization (STO) says that 19 parties have won the bid to run food stalls in the north harbor area.

An official from STO reported that 19 parties had bid for 22 out of the 26 food courts and that agreements will be signed by the parties in the coming weeks.

The remaining four units were put on bid again, where several parties had sent in their bids. These news bids, STO says are to be evaluated as well.

The food courts on the Ameenee magu side are completed, with the landscaping work on going. These food courts will be operational this month, STO added. Food courts on Izzuddin magu side will be operational in May.

Three types of food stalls are created under the MVR 30 million project. The stalls measure 960 foot, 1,260 foot and 1,660 foot. The going rate for each square foot is MVR 53 per square feet and each unit will be rented out for a period of five years. Successful bidders have to pay the rent of three months at the start, which will be deducted from the rent period.

Welfare company of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) is in charge of constructing the food stalls.

Housing Ministry and STO signed the agreement to develop the area in January 2016. The project was scheduled to be completed in six months.

STO added the delay was due to several changes to the original designs and seeking a contractor for the project.