Solarelle introduces new packages for home insurance

Solarelle has launched new packages for home owners, which can insure everything used in a home.

The package, named ‘Geybisee Insurance’, covers every asset used in a household and automatically grants users third-party insurance and other packages.

Solarelle Deputy Chief Executive Organization Hussain Razeen said under the package a one-bedroom apartment can be insured for MVR 1,500 annually, two-bedroom apartment for MVR 2,000 and a three-bedroom apartment can be insured for MVR 2,500 annually.

Under the package users are eligible for;

  • Car or vehicle used by applicant will be covered under third party motor insurance
  • In the event of an incident and assets in the household need to be moved, costs up to MVR 100,000 will be covered
  • In the event an incident and the applicant needs to be shifted to a new residence, then insurance provider will provide rent of MVR 20,000 for a period of six months
  • Insurance provider will provide coverage of up to MVR 25,000 in the event an item belonging to a student is damaged
  • In the event an individual is injured in an incident, then the provider will cover medical costs amounting to MVR 100,000
  • In the event an individual passes away in an incident, then the provider will give out MVR 1 million

Razeen added that damages from natural disasters will be covered under this package as well.

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