Male’ Ring Road to Be Re-Opened On Thursday

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Dr. Mohamed Muizzu announced that Male’ City’s ring road connecting to the Sina Male Bridge will be opened to the public this Thursday.

It was previously announced that the ring road will be opened to the public on Monday. Nevertheless, re-opening had to be delayed as some works were still remaining.

A tweet by the Minister stated that construction work is still ongoing to establish the light posts and road marking, and they will be able to finish and open the road by Thursday.

The newly re-constructed ring road will be expanded to four lanes starting from the city’s eastern coast up to Hulhumale ferry terminal, and southern coast up to the Industrial Village.

Housing Minister also informed that it has been decided to plant trees on either sides of Boduthakurufaanu magu which now measure up to 12 meters in width to minimize inbound and outbound traffic from the Bridge.
Extending to a kilometer of 2, and a width of 20.3 meters, the bridge was officially opened to the public on 30th August 2018. However, it will be opened for public transportation on 7th September 2018.

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