New Runway of Velana International Airport Reaches Completion

The new runway of the Velana International Airport reaches completion and is expected to be open for flights within October.

The runway was lit up for testing, marking the completion of the attachments of runway signs and lighting.

The code ‘F’ standard runway has a length of 3,400 meters and a width of 60 meters and has the capacity to manage the world’s largest aircraft including Airbus A380 aircraft. Over 60 hectares of land was reclaimed for the development.

The Managing Director of MACL, Adil Moosa informed that with the new system Instrument Landing System (ILS), it will allow the pilots to ease the airplanes in and out of the runway with easily, even during bad weather.

The first test flight is scheduled to use the runway before the 20th of this month and work is still ongoing. This mega project was awarded to the Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) on 08th December 2015 and the project was implemented using a loan of USD 400 Million obtained by China’s Exim bank. The loan was to contribute to the construction of the runway as well as the capacity to store 45 Million liters of Oil in a fuel farm and establish an 80,000 ton Cargo facility.

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