Will increase state revenue to MVR 82 bn: President Yameen


President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom pledges to increase the state’s revenue to MVR 82 billion in the next five years.

President Yameen made the remarks at the ceremony held today at Velana International Airport to inaugurate its new Code F runway.

Etihad Airways flight EY 278 carrying the Maldives national football team which recently won the SAFF Suzuki Cup made a ceremonial landing on VIA’s new runway this afternoon. This is the first ever A380 aircraft to land in the Maldives, and the flight was captained by Maldivian pilot Ali Ahsan.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Yameen described Velana International Airport as the best airport in the region with regards to quality. He added that the new Code F runway is expected to bring revolutionary advancements to the airport.

“If currently the state earns MVR 20 billion; when I am done with [developing] this airport and by 2023, we will bring in a revenue of MVR 82 billion to the state,”

“That is hope and development,” said President Yameen.

The President highlighted that the Maldives Airports Company Limited today earns yearly revenue of MVR 1 Billion, opposed to just MVR 15 million it made operating under GMR.

“We would want Maldivians to be a self-sufficient people. We must be equal as the rest of the world. That is the highest privilege our country can reach,” said the President.

The newly inaugurated Code F runway of Velana International Airport stretches to a length of 3,400 meters and width of 60 meters. When this new runway developed my China’s Beijing Urban Construction Company (BUCG) comes into operation, the old runway of 3,200 meters that lie parallel will be used as a taxiway.