Dhiraagu Wins Brand Transformation Award

Dhiraagu has won the award for Best Brand Transformation Award.

The ‘Rebrand 100 Global Awards’ are awarded by ‘Rebrand’, a body that reviews brand transformations. This is the first time a local company had won the prestigious awards.

Dhiraagu said the Awards were given after a panel of industry experts had reviewed the company’s transformational journey. The panel is consistent of members from 42 nations, who had judged brands from 37 industries. Under the evaluation process, Dhiraagu was judged on brand transformation strategy and how it had aligned with the company goals and strategic vision.

Describing the award as a recognition of their work, the company’s Senior Manager Brand and Marketing Communications Mohamed Mirshan Hassan, he said this was further validation that customers had accepted their transformation.

He added that the change was not a mere change to logo and colors. With this change, came significant changes to their services, including post-paid, pre-paid and fiber broadband, Mirshan said. He also noted that Dhiraagu had introduced IPTV, Mobile Money and other new digital services.

Armed with the slogan, ‘Take on Tomorrow’ Dhiraagu had revamped their offerings designed to cater for the more upwardly mobile users.

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