YTD Arrivals for August – 9.1 percent Increase


The Year to Date arrivals for tourism sector in the Maldives has shown a 9.1 percent increase in arrivals.

The figures issued by the Tourism Ministry also show that, similar to previous months, European and Asia Pacific markets dominate the arrivals market.

As such, the European market accounts for 49 percent of arrivals, while the Asia Pacific market accounted for 42 percent of arrivals.

In terms of pure numbers, the Chinese arrivals topped with 194,111 arrivals. However, the segment itself had recorded a negative growth of 7.4 percent. The biggest growth was observed in Australia (40.5 percent), France (21.7 percent) and Russia (21.5 percent).

The average duration of stay is presently at 6.4 days, with tourists spending a combined total of 6,270,308 days in the country. The Year to Date figure for occupancy rate is at 62 percent. The number of beds at 43,099 by the end of August, with the number of bed nights increasing by 12.3 percent.

At the end of August 2018, the number of resorts were at 138 with 30,341 beds. Guesthouses accounted for 8,134 beds scattered across 496 properties. One hundred and forty-eight safari vessels were registered at the end of the period, with 2,764 beds. Twelve hotels were operational, offering 1,860 beds to visitors.