The 45th IFAWPCA president addresses new strategic plan

Photo: Shaimaan Waheed

The most recently sworn in president of International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Association (IFAWPCA) Mr. Mohamed Ali Janah while accepting his position revealed the strategic plan for the Federation’s next course of action.

In his speech, Mr. Janah said he will be “consulting with key stakeholders in shaping” the said plan.

Mr. Janah highlighted seven key aspects he will be placing focus on during his tenure as the Federation’s 45th president.

Among the concepts he spoke of, Mr. Janah emphasized greatly on increasing IFAWPCA’s international profile by putting fresh impetus in spreading awareness. He also pledged to increasing organic visitors or followers in various social media platforms with the Federation’s active profiles or handles; such as Facebook and Twitter.

Secondly, Mr. Janah proposed introducing a new award aimed at youth entrepreneurs of IFAWPCA’s member countries to celebrate and encourage youth on “innovative start-ups.” He also suggested the introduction of another new award for “best practices in human resources” stating the award will be granted to any company from the member countries recognized for their best “practice in treatment, welfare and human rights of employees.”

The 45th president of IFAWPCA also urged to improving the Federation’s professionalism by enhancing and encouraging member countries to provide “opportunities through education and training to develop human capital” claiming that as employers it should be the top priority of the Federation to recognize and motivate employees.

While strongly objecting and condemning “all forms of deliberate discrimination by governments or politicians, based on political affiliation of contractors” Mr. Janah had also stressed on the importance of setting an exemplary global and professional network which implements “fair practices, transparency and accountability through technology in bidding processes in all member countries.”

The last key idea which Mr. Janah proposed for future implementation was an initiative to “facilitate the formation of an investors’ club where interested investors from member countries could invest in any member country.”

Mr. Janah argued that among the targets he outlined, the use of social media and introduction of the said awards as well as the education and training will benefit youth or young entrepreneurs. He also affirmed that the Federation needed to “energize the organization by attracting youth play an active role in it.”

Apart from this, the newest president of IFAWPCA also shed light into the anticipated 2020 Convention, bringing the event to Maldives for the first time. He revealed the 45th convention’s theme will be “construction and conservation.”

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