Maldives tourist visit exceeds 1.2 million

Tourist arrivals to Maldives have exceeded 1.2 million so far in 2018, marking a 7.3 growth on October.

According to Maldives Tourism Ministry, based on data collected by the Immigration Department and other registered tourist and hospitality outlets operating in Maldives, a total of 1,207,852 tourists have visited the island nation so far.

In October 2018, the ministry recorded a total of 127,393 holidaymakers visiting the country. This however, is a slip from the figures of 2017 by 0.5% since in previous year’s same period 127,986 tourists visited Maldives.

Gender contribution of tourist arrivals have been female with 52% of the total arrivals while male with 48 percent.

China continues to dominate as the single-tourist market contributing to Maldives tourism with a total number of 247,911 arrivals so far in 2018 which is a 20.5% market share. Germany is the second highest tourist market to Maldives with 93,617 arrivals; marking a 7.8% percent share. United Kingdom followed closely at third with 93,300 arrivals and a tourist market share of 7.7 percent.

Italy at fourth with a 6.6% tourist market share and a total of 79,583 holidaymakers flocking to Maldives in 2018. India’s tourist market has shown gradually paced growth with 5.3% share and a total of 64,224 tourists visiting Maldives.

The tourist market based on continents and region showed Europe dominating with 48% while Asia and the Pacific followed closely at 43 percent. The Americas shared 5% of the total tourist market while Middle East contributed 4 percent.

The average guest stay duration during the month had been at 6.4 and increased by 0.2 day compared to the same period of 2017.

The total bed capacity in Maldives by end of October rose to 43,808 with a 9.1% increase.

With respect to the recent tourist figures, Maldives currently has a total of 143 tourist resorts, 505 guesthouses, 148 safaris and 12 hotels.

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