Dhiraagu expands fiber broad-band network

Photo: Dhiraagu

Dhiraagu is introducing Fibre Broadbrand connections to the islands of Maldives – the latest advancement in broadbrand technology. Fiber connections utilize plastic or glass cables, in contrast to the copper wires used in standard broadbrand connections. This allows for a much faster data transfer throughout the area of the office or home. 


Their most recent introduction of Fibre Broadbrand was launched in Th. Thimarafushi. In 2016, Dhiraagu conducted a campaign, “Fiber to the Home” in which they ensured that all of the Maldivian Islands have access to fiber within the upcoming yearsDhiraagu is introducing Fibre at an exceedingly fast pace, with 70% of the islands now having access to fiber broadband packages. The islands include Male’, Villimale‘ and 47 other islands. The fiber broadband packages give an allowance ranging from provisioned by Dhiraagu ranges from 100 mbps to 1 TB. The local island’s businesses and companies are now fully integrated with fiber 


To encourage upgrading to the latest broadbrand technology, Dhiraagu is currently conducting a promotion in which, by the end of this November, the upgrade to fibre in the homes and offices is completely free. Additionally, after the installation, Dhiraagu is giving customers 25% discount of the customer’s choice of broadband package for up to three months.  


Dhiraagu is a pioneer in the information and communications technology industry in the Maldives, with an emphasis on bringing about constant changes and advancements into this country.  Prioritizing the customer’s needs, it is no surprise that Dhiraagu once again has step foot into the realm of pioneering the technological industry in the Maldives, and the introduction of Fiber Broadbrand is a reflection of their future oriented ambitions and concentration to the wishes of the average Maldivian Internet User.  

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