Tourism Minister boards cruise ship to investigate their detriments

Photo: MAYA

Tourism Minister Mr. Ali Waheed visits aboard a Cruise ship that recently ported in Maldivian sovereign area in order to investigate difficulties faced by cruise liner vessels trekking through the island nation.

According to the official from the Maldives Association of Yacht Agents (MAYA), the cruise liners which bring about a myriad of tourists to the city of Male’ are being investigated for difficulties by the Ministry’s own initiative, and the Minister was aboard a cruise ship to investigate said issues first hand.

“The Minister has stated that by going on his own, the difficulties faced by the servicing sections of the cruise became very apparent to him. He intends to implement solutions by coordinating with other ministries”

The MAYA Official further stated that the large cruise liners face issues in the time period when tourists disembark the ship and onto the land.

“We arrive to the island with 3000 tourists aboard. When we arrive, we have to stay 2 miles away. The disembarking procedure takes about 30 minutes per boat”

He further commented on the problems faced by tourists who come ashore Male’ after the journey and have to come to terms with no public toilet facilities and the lack of proper harbor for the tourists to get off upon.

“Tourists upon arrival have to deal with the weather extremities without any aid. There are no public toilets in the vicinity either”.

However, the official noted that due to the arrival of tourists in Male’, there are several opportunities and perks received by the local businesses.

MAYA has stated that the future of cruise liners in the next 25 years seem very promising.

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