FSM fuel stations to operate on 24-hour basis

Source: Mihaaru.com

Gas refill stations of Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM) will operate on a 24 hour basis following amendments by Maldives government on business hours.

Maldives Economic Ministry through local gazette announced permitting local petrol stations to operate for 24 hours. The permit is exclusive to government-approved petrol stations. Prior to this, petrol stations were allowed to operate from the morning 5 am to midnight at 12 am.

FSM highlighted that the new changes would bring about great ease to the public. Every petrol station would be closed for fifteen minutes during prayer times and closed from 08:00hrs until 14:00hrs on Fridays.

They further announced that the station near STELCO, Easy Fill 1 will operate on a 24 hour basis however, the station will service automobiles and other four-wheeled vehicles from 08:00hrs until 22:00hrs. Post 22:00hrs, the station will allow refill for all types of vehicles.

Maldives government further revealed they are currently going through discussions to grant permission for local wholesale and retail outlets to operate on a 24 hour basis.


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