Japan to grant MVR40 mln aid to Maldives

Source: Mihaaru.com

In order to alleviate environmental damage caused by oil spills, the Japanese Government provisions 300 million Japanese Yen (MVR40.9 million) to the Maldives.

The two countries aim to strengthen their diplomatic ties, and the agreement for aid was signed during a special ceremony held at the Foreign Ministry. The agreement was  signed by Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid on behalf of Maldives and Ambassador Kazumi Endo signed on behalf of Japanese Government.

Source: Mihaaru.com

For the past ten years, the Japanese government has been a crucial hand of development for the country. This year, the government has provided 2.7 million dollars (41 million rufiyaa) for the health industry of Maldives. They’ve also funded for the economic development of the country with 34 million rufiyaa in the year 2017. In 2016, Japan has provided 5.4 million dollars (83 million rufiyaa) to the country as free aid.

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