Flood damage losses amount up to over MVR 1 mln

PHOTO/Mihaaru News

National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) on Saturday, revealed that the damage losses due to the recent flooding in Male’ City is estimated to be over MVR 1 million.

Most businesses which suffered heavy damages due to the flood were situated in Ameenee Magu. This includes the local markets at the west of Gaakoshi, where fruits and vegetables were damaged beyond use. Vendors at the local market said that their attempts to keep flood waters at bay were in vain, and MVR 25,000 worth of goods had to be thrown out. Another businessman claimed he had to throw out MVR 10,000 worth of products.

Additionally, a lot of stores had also faced substantial amount of damages and incurred losses due to the rainfall. This includes “Fab”, the electronics store situated at the Ameenee Magu and Vaidheri Magu junction. The store has claimed that their electronics had faced damages beyond repair.

“The flood went into the store and damaged all the electronics on the shelves. This was our latest shipment. A vast majority of the items have been lost to the flood, a loss estimated to be about MVR 300,000 ”, said Ali Manik, owner of Fab.

He further commented that they had placed sacks and attempted to discard the incoming water, but the speeding vehicles had made the effort futile.

The flood had also affected Rainbow Enterprises, where a lot of their furniture were damaged. Their losses amounted to between MVR 70,000 – MVR 100,000.

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