Allied’s Managing Director resigns

PHOTO/Allied Insurance

The Managing Director of Allied Insurance, Mr. Ahmed Ameel, has decided to step down from his position. His resignation comes after 24 years of service in the insurance industry, all of which were spent at Allied Insurance.

A subsidiary company of State Trading Organisation (STO) and the largest insurance company of Maldives, Mr. Ameel has served as the Managing Director for five years. He has informed the media that he has provided a three months’ notice to the STO board and would immediately step down from his position after the assignment of a new managing director.

Paired with a Master’s Degree in Insurance, Mr. Ameel is a recognized expert in the field of Insurance in the Maldives. When he first started working at Allied Insurance, there were only five individuals at the office. Now, there are over 200 staff members working at Allied Insurance. He stated that he is resigning to spend more time with his family.

In the past five years, the commercial ventures of Allied Insurance had increased by 112%. The company has now the insurance capacity of 120 million dollars.

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