MIFCO offers discounts from Ice Plants


MIFCO has started offering fishermen discounts from their Ice Plants, on the occasion of National Fisherman’s Day.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of MIFCO, Ramzee AbuBakuru, the company is offering discounts of 15% for fishermen throughout the day across their Ice Plants in the Maldives. MIFCO has 16 Ice Plants in different parts of the island nation, all of which will be offering the discount on Monday.

In addition to this, he added that every boat that comes to weigh their catch will receive a complimentary canned fish case as well. Shops on these sites are also going to offer the same discount throughout the day.

While fishermen across the country are enjoying these discounts, all customers of MIFCO will also be able to enjoy discounts upto 5% across their stores.

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