State expenditure at MVR 318 mil, revenue MVR 130 mil

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Last week, state expenditure amounted to MVR 318.1 million, but the state revenue received was only MVR 130 million. Hence, an additional MVR 188 million was spent more than the revenue received.

The total recurrent expenses spent was MVR 228.4 million. The Capital expenditure was MVR 89.7 million. The highest spending went to the Public Service Media (PSM) projects. A total of MVR 69.1 million was spent onto those projects.

The amount of tax revenue received last week was MVR 75 million. Other forms of revenue received amounted to MVR 52.8 million.

According to the fiscal report released by the Finance Ministry, the total state expenditure up until last week was MVR 23.4 billion.

The budget for this year was MVR 24.8 billion.

There has been no changes in the amount the state has returned for the foreign loans and sovereign development funds. MVR 1.5 billion has been returned to the state loans, whereas sovereign development funds received a transfer of MVR 1.2 billion.

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