Online government portal in the works, says Minister

Photo: Mihaaru News

Maldives government has commenced work in the development of a digital portal to cater the services to the public.

The Communication, Science and Technology minister Mr. Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal had bemoaned the exhausting hours spent by public to receive services from various government institutes. Minister made the comment during the inauguration ceremony of the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority’s (MIRA) online service to pay for work-visa.

Minister Maleeh assured his ministry was working to eliminate the long waiting hours by the public and find reasonable approaches in delivering the services easily.

“We need to accept several business entities face the problem of waiting too long at the counters of government offices for services. People need to wait in queues to take token numbers and wait again for the services,” Mr Maleeh said.

Minister had also stressed on the expenses incurred in rendering services through ‘analog’ means for work-visa payments, adding about 150 to 200 people fall in queues everyday for the service. He also added that MIRA spends about MVR10,000 per day and approximately MVR3.6 million per month in expenses to deliver the services.

Mr. Maleeh had claimed such expenses are deemed unnecessary and therefore is ‘wasted’ while applauding the taxation authority’s move to cater the service through an online portal.

The Communication, Science and Technology minister further added that the incumbent president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih wishes to build a digital portal with the inclusion of all inhabited islands of Maldives.

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