Govt seeks public opinion on new tourism regulations

Source: Sun Island Resort

Ministry of Tourism Affairs is seeking public opinion on twelve new tourism regulations.

The statement released by the Tourism Ministry expressed that all individuals who wish to comment on the new guidelines can do so within seven days from now. The opinions can be expressed via email or through written letters.

Some of the areas announced include: Resort Regulation, Tourist Vessel Regulation, Guest House Regulation, Hotel Regulation, Travel Agency Regulation, Tour Guide Regulation, Yacht Marina Regulation, Diving Regulation, Tourism Statistics Regulation, Regulation on the Protection and Conservation of Environment in the Tourism industry, Tourism EIA Regulation and Symbolic Marriage Regulation.

In addition to reception of public opinion, the Tourism Ministry has decided to inspect all the facilities of the industry and see if it is up to par. Tourism Minister, Ali Waheed, has stated that whilst the facilities has an established set of rules, they are often not implemented in a proper manner.

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