17 Sewage Systems and 8 Islands for Road Development

Source: Mihaaru

The Finance Ministry has announced plans to build 17 water sewage systems and to develop roads on 8 islands.

The Water Sewage System is to be built on Ha. Uligamu, Hdh. Nolhivaru, Hdh. Kurinbee, Shaviyani Marohtaa, Kanditheemia, and, Foakaidhoo. The other islands in development also include N. Kendhikulhudhoo, R. Alifushi, R. Angolhithimaavaidoo, R. Rasgetheemu, Th. Vandhoo, Th. Kandoodhoo, B. Hithaadhoo, Th. Kinbidhoo and, Ga. Kanduhulhudhoo.

The islands that are set for road development include Hdh. Hanimaadhoo, R. Unguufaaraa, R. Dhuvaafaru, B. Eydhafushi, Th. Madifushi, Laamu Fonadhoo, Fuvahmulah City, Addu City and Hulhumeedoo.

The Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) includes projects that is expected to cost a total of MVR 6.6 billion in this year’s budget. There are a total of 315 projects, of which 229 are ongoing.

A total of MVR 1.3 billion is to be invested to the budget for the 120 Water Sewage System projects this year.

The government is also set to invest in land reclamation and road building, with a total of 51 projects and MVR 5.59 million to be invested this year.