Welcome to MBR!

Blazon Inc. launched Maldives Business Review (MBR) on Wednesday evening.

MBR was launched during a special Facebook live event, by the Governor of Maldives Mr. Ahmed Naseer.

In his remarks, he stressed the importance of a publication focused on business intelligence to strengthen the industries that make up the Maldives economy. Furthermore, he acknowledged the fact that MBR can serve a unique opportunity in analytical data, insight into economy, trade and business in Maldives.

MBR is an initiative by Blazon Inc. to address a core issue in the market and create an international platform that will transform traditional media in the Maldives and change their thinking patterns to incorporate creative and unique approaches.

MBR says that there is a need in the market for equal and balanced representation of all industries in Maldivian economy. MBR added that from their coverage readers can get an understanding of present and future of the Maldivian economy, based on analytical, fact and figure-based business reviews of Maldives.


MBR also features  unique features for advertisers. For the first time ever, advertisers will have the option to showcase their products and services on MBR through parallex ads and interactive ads.


MBR will consist of a Biannual magazine, regularly updated website and a mobile app. Print
magazine and mobile app will be launched mid-2018.

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