“BML Riveli” to Finance Higher Education

Source: Mihaaru

The Bank of Maldives (BML) has launched the “BML Riveli” programme.

The programme is a promotion aimed at individuals interested in pursuing a career in banking and finance.

The Deputy CEO of BML, Mr. Mohamed Shareef spoke at the commemorating event held at Villa College, stating that Bank of Maldives aspires to bring about hardworking, customer-oriented and capable workers in the industry.

With the BML Riveli Program, individuals interested in the finance industry will have an easier path to higher education in the field.

In a collaborative effort with Villa College, BML has introduced a diploma in banking and finance to the Maldives.

This 12 month course, which would be approved by the Maldives Qualification Authority, was created to encourage individuals of different age groups and backgrounds who are interested in banking to pursue a career in finance.

The curriculum of the Diploma was put together by Bank of Maldives, Villa College, and Maldives Monetary Authority. Villa College and BML decided to combine their expertise to bring about a successful, engaging program.

The course will be taught by professionals from BML who have years of experience in the industry. Guest-speakers from the banking sector are set to occasionally make an appearance as well.

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