Tourism Ministry: One month for local ventures to follow standards

he Maldives Ministry of Tourism has issued a 30-day notice to all local businesses and ventures in the tourism industry to meet governmental standards.

The Minister of Tourism, Mr Ali Waheed addressed local media and stated that the Ministry currently conducting a thorough inspection of all tourism-related ventures and properties following several  incidents that resulted in casualties at various hospitality outlets across Maldives.

Furthermore, the Minister stated that the nationwide inspection will conclude within seven months and that all properties found with violation or room for improvement will be notified and made to act accordingly.

Following the incidents at some local tourism properties, the Ministry has asked two ventures to improve their safety standards, post Police investigation.

The Minister went on to state that tourist outlets responsible for accommodating travelers must be regulated by the ministry. He also stated that any ventures without all legal permits to run according to the ministry’s guidelines are in violation, and such ventures will have to face the consequences of it.

Additionally, the Minister also stated that businesses in violation of following industry-mandated standards are responsible for tarnishing the country’s tourism industry.

He also advised all local ventures, including guesthouses and resorts, to renew their licenses if they have been expired.

Moreover, Mr Waheed had also stressed that local ventures in need of upgrading their properties to meet the Ministry-mandated standards should begin, and that should any of the businesses require more than a month’s period they should inform the Ministry.

In the meantime, the Ministry has also opened channels for industry professionals and varying stakeholders to provide feedback and opinions to improve the Maldivian tourism industry before February 20.

Following the deadline, all opinions will be taken into consideration while reviewing the Tourism Act for future amendments.

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