Longline fishing education programmes to be introduced

The Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources, and Agriculture is introducing longline fishing training programmes in the Maldives.

The programmes will target local youth interested in the Maldivian fisheries industry. The programmes will focus on giving practical experience, awareness, and educating the youth on different aspects of fishing techniques.

The programmes are set to be held in conjunction with theory sessions as well as practicals, along with an allowance set for the participants.

The only conditions set by the Ministry for the participants are that they should be above the age of 18 and have an interest in the fishing industry. However, if any individual under the age of 18 wishes to take part, they may do so with the consent of their parents.

Those interested in taking part in the programs should submit a letter of participation along with their phone number and ID card copy to the Ministry of Fisheries before 14 March.

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