STO makes changes to its board


The State Trading Organisation (STO) has dismissed the Board Director, Mr Ismail Yasir.

STO stated that the company let go of the former Board Director from the Privatisation and Corporatisation Board. However, the company has not stated the reasoning for his dismissal.

After the dismissal of Mr Yasir, the current Board of Directors of STO constitutes of the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Mr Hussain Amru Mohamed Rashaad and Chief Financial Officer, Mohamed Mihaad and Directors, Mr Amir Mansoor, Ms Mariyam Zahiya and the Public Shareholder Director, Ms Aishath Fazeena.

Changes brought about to the Board Members is not an unusual occurrence with every new presidency.

As such, after the inauguration of President, Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, new board directors are being appointed over again.


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