MPL: Clearing cargo now takes only 5 days

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Source: Mihaaru

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has stated that the time taken to clear cargo from a docked ship has been reduced from around 15 days to only 5 days.

According to the Managing Director of MPL, Mr Shahid Ali, this great reduction in clearing time was due to reducing the number of empty shipping containers at the port, along with repairing some of the defunct vehicles.

This improvement in clearing time has been remarked upon by several local businessmen as well. The general consensus is that the speed of clearing cargo has drastically improved compared to the same time last year.

MPL had previously released a statement last month stating that work was being done to boost the efficiency of the port. Some of the plans revealed at the time included repairing damaged vehicles and equipment, along with rearranging parts of the port to maximise space.

This upgrade has come at a time when complaints about cargo being damaged due to delays at the port is at an all-time high and should serve to alleviate those concerns.

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