Tourist arrivals increase by 6.5%


The Ministry of Tourism stated that tourist arrivals have increased in the Maldives by 6.5% last month.

According to the Tourist Arrival data released by the Tourism Ministry, the total tourist arrivals at the beginning of the month was around 151,552. This was an increase of 6.5% compared to January 2017.

The highest number of tourist arrivals in 2017 came from China.

China has been regarded to have the highest tourist market share in the Maldives for the past eight years.

Last month, the number of tourists from China totalled to 25,804. This is a slight decrease in contrast to last year, where a total of 25,830 Chinese tourists arrived in the Maldives. This is a decrease by 0.1%.

Last month saw the influx of around 83,528 tourists from Europe, which was an increase of 9%, in comparison with the 76,603 arrivals last year. The most populous visitors come from Western European countries and Germany.

A total of 9,819 German tourists arrived in the Maldives last month. This is an increase of 17%, in contrast to the 8,329 German Tourist arrivals in the previous year.

The Italian arrivals are also prominent in the Maldives, and a total of 16,768 Italian tourists arrived in the Maldives last month. This is another increase of 17%, as January 2017 brought about only 14,329 arrivals to the country.

Finally, the English tourist arrivals had increased by 7.8% in comparison to January 2017. January 2018 brought about 10,175 English tourists, whilst the previous year brought about 9,448 tourists.

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