Government earned MVR 2.7 billion as revenue

Source: MIRA

The statistics released by the Ministry of Finance revealed that the state has earned MVR 2.7 billion.

The statistics showcased all governmental expenses and income from 1 to 16 February 2019.

According to the report, the highest gross income was generated through taxation, which was around MVR 2.3 billion out of the total income of MVR 2.7 billion.

Out of the 2.3 billion, MVR 395.3 million was Import Duty, GST accounted for MVR 789.9 million, MVR 71.2 million was Airport Tax and MVR 87.1 million accounts for Green Tax.

The total expenditure by the government amounted to MVR 1.8 billion.

A large sum of the money was spent on administrative expenses, subsidies and operational expenses. MVR 78.3 million was spent on civil servant’s wages and MVR 540.4 million was spent on administrative work and offices.

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